Beuchat Mundial Competition Freediving Fins


Beuchat Mundial Competition Freediving Fins

The Beuchat Mundial Competition Fin is designed for intermediate spear fishers. The Mundial free diving long fin is derived by utilizing Beuchat extensive experience in the manufacturing of three distinct material fins. Conceived from a combination of material to realize; flexibility, power, and resistance for optimum performance. The foot cavity is reinforced to transmit power to the blade without any diver discomfort.Supports for the blade is integrated onto the foot cavity to optimize movement of the blade with side stiffeners and channeled surface on longer fin strokes, based on user requirements and power input.


Free diving fin composed of a pocket and a removable blade the Mundial Competition techno-polymer blade. The blade is designed for free diving up to 66' (20 meters). Comfort and performance of the Mundial is provided by the elastomer full foot pocket with reinforced instep and heel tab for easy donning and doffing. The non-vented fin blade extends as a sole beneath the foot pocket to transmit maximum power and maintain performance. The fins blade length is 24" (61 cm).



  • Designed for Intermediate Spear Fishers
  • Beuchat Extensive Experience in Manufacturing of 3-Distinct Material Fins
  • Combination of Material to Realize; Flexibility, Power, and Resistance for Optimum Performance Foot Cavity Reinforced to Transmit Power to Blade w/o Diver Discomfort Side Stiffeners and Channeled Blade Surface, Optimize Blade Movement Great Design for Longer Fin Strokes, Based on User Required Power Input Fin Composed of Pocket and Removable Blade Blade Material: Techno-Polymer Full Foot Pocket Material: Elastomer Designed for Free Diving Up to 66' (20 meters) Blade Length: 24" (61 cm) Non-Vented Blade Design


Available Sizes 39/40, 41/42, 43/44, 45/46

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